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Oh hi there!

I'm back! I'm going to try to post more often. We shall see if it actually happens.

Used Dell Laptop for sale.

Hi all! I just won another Laptop through work and it should be here on the 15th. This means that I am looking to sell my old laptop. It is an Inspirion 1521. It comes with a high resolution screen, 2GB of memory upgradable to 4GB, 160GB harddrive, 8x dvd read/write drive, 8 in 1 media card reader, 256MB Integrated graphics. It is in impeccable condition and comes with a messanger style carrying case. It comes with Windows Vista Home Premium, Office 2007 Pro which includes Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher and Access preloaded as well as Adobe Photoshop Essentials. I am asking $400 for the system $500 upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate and Office Pro 2010. Please let me know if you are interested. I'm willing to ship ground to anyplace in the US.

Because I was curious...

I'm not really surprised by the results. I have long felt that I fall in thte middle of most issues and try to weigh the pros and cons of any situation. Things that I feel are lacking from our current political system. I'm also not surprised that on the chart I am well on my way to either Libertarian or Capitalist.
You are a

Social Moderate
(55% permissive)

and an...

Economic Conservative
(60% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also: The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

Now for an unsolicited social commentary.

Ahh.. The Internet.
What an interesting evolution the art of communication, or lack thereof, has taken. All the false feel of anonymity that one used to get with an anonymous letter to the editor but with all the public attention of blogging. The rush of feeling like you are right. The ability to thrust your opinion into the face of the world as if it were not just your feelings on a subject but that it is a fact. That your opinion is the only one in the world. Everyone feels the need to sound off on topics important and unimportant; from the political system, to holidays, food choice, cellular phone selection, what socks you buy, sexual preference, religion, diet and exercise. Topics that 20 years ago were not polite dinner conversation are now bandied about with little regard to how the overall conversation makes you look as an individual. People rarely take a moment to see how their opinions are displayed to the public and what story that tells about them as a person. Things that you would never have the guts to say to another individual face to face are posted with thinly veiled vagueness on a social networking outlet. Letting not only the person you are irritated with know your opinion but coloring other’s perceptions of you as well. Most of the time it makes you look intolerant and I feel like we show more intolerance as a society now than we ever have before. Some people call it being “genuine” but I think that if they stopped to read what they say with an outside set of eyes they may find that the overall face that they present to the world via the internet is not actually who they are or what they stand for as a person.
The art of the argument is dying. People seem less willing to stop and listen to another person’s point of view. They seem less willing to pull the cotton of their own “stance” out of their ears for a minute to listen to what someone else is saying. Nothing makes me more likely to post something equally irrational back to a person then for them to post in a public, social forum, that “This is my opinion and I am posting it for you to see but I don’t want to start a debate here. I don’t want you to post your opinion back.” Who are you to be so above everyone else that people should not post anything contradictory in your sacred, private space? Oh wait, it’s a public social forum? I forgot. We used to be a society of debate, of healthy argument. It seems more and more that we are extreme in our stances, that we find ourselves aligning to a socially mandated mindset and rarely do we stray. The middle is being run out or yelled over. If you are moderate in your viewpoint on something you are seen as being uncommitted to the cause. When did we stop caring about the end result in order to uphold a viewpoint right now?
As creatures with egos it only makes sense that we feel that we have the best take on an idea. That our opinion is the best. Of course it is best for you, you thought of it right? I don’t think that is ever likely to change. I know that I carry a pretty strong set of opinions around with me and that those opinions color my perception of the world and the people that I interact with. But when people choose to take strong stances on inconsequential things they seem more petty to me. Really, how can people be so passionate about smart phone operating system choices? Do they really feel that I have somehow betrayed them by choosing to purchase a Kindle over a Nook? Does it really affect them if I choose to purchase and consume fast food? Now I have said before that I love a good debate and if you can give me logical, well informed reasons why I should purchase an Android over an iPhone, a Kindle over a Nook, and how I am killing myself with fast food and how much you love me and want me to be around in 20 years then great! Bring it on! For the record I do have an opinion on everything and can provide you with arguments on all of these topics and feel that I need to disclose that I am pro iPhone, Kindle and fast food! I don’t feel like you have somehow betrayed me personally if you have chosen to be an Android, Nook, I make all my meals at home thank you very much person. Actually I would love to hear the reasons that you made your choices. Perhaps they will sway me in the next choice that I make.
I guess that is really what it all comes down to. In the end an opinion is what leads us to make a choice and I think that I am tired of feeling like the internet as a whole it judging me for the everyday choices that I have to make. That the flippant way that we present our opinions makes someone else feel like they have somehow made an earth shattering mistake. Like we will be placed on opposite sides of the battle lines if you know my stand on consumer products, sexual preference, religion, politics. Some of those topics are much more important than others and deserve to have healthy debate. We have, as a collective whole, let a lot of things slip over the last 40 years and we need to get back to discussing important things. But if you are intolerant about the brand of shoes I wear how am I going to discuss something important with you?
I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I post on the internet and how it makes people perceive me. I hope that we can all take a minute to review the persona that we have created on the internet. Through our blog, twitter, and facebook posts. Does that façade created by the internet actually reflect you? We all create a brand for ourselves by being so open and public though a semi anonymous forum. If you were a Fortune 500 company and all you had to go on was your posts on the internet would you buy from you? If you met through an acquaintance online would you want to get to know you better?  
Of course all of this is just my opinion. What’s yours?

Last call on Wholesale shoes!

Many of you have already taken advantage of the wholesale pricing on my initial order from Pleaser shoes. I would like to place the order this evening sot hat people can get them in time for upcoming events. So if you are still interested please let me know asap. Asaing the website is and if you send me the style number I will send you back the pricing. I can be reached here or via email at

Thank you again to everyone that has helped me reach my initial order minimum.  

What's that you say, discounted shoes?

Part of my business strategy for Pandora’s Closet ( my new clothing and costuming business) is to be able to provide my clients with not just items that I can sew but to provide them with options for hard to find items as well. I am planning to work with a number of artisans as well as partnering with other companies to provide these items. What items might those be? Shoes, belts, weapons, pouches, masks, jewelry, etc. One company that has been a joy to work with so far is Pleaser shoes. I have been able to get all set up with a wholesale account. The only downfall is that my initial order has to be for $500. While I am a shoe-a-holic that is a lot of shoes when they are at wholesale prices. So here is where I ask for your help and pass on the potential for some really great pricing on some really neat shoes. If you are interested run over to to check out the selection. Shoot me the style name/number and I will let you know what the wholesale pricing is. Once I get the order fleshed out I will collect money and get the items to you! After the initial order I can place orders for individual items. So if you are interested in discounted shoes, or in helping out a new business person let me know. I can be reached here or via email at .
Thanks guys!

For anyone in the area...

Tonight ( Thursday April 28th) Jeff Hiller is going to be honored by the
barebones film festival. If anyone is available to show up in your approved
costume to support this award and for a photo op for the news paper it owuld be
much appreciated.Please see event info to follow.

Where: The music hall of fame at 3rd anff Elgen in Downtown Musogee
When: 5:30 tonight. I would encourage you to be there at 5:15 if possible.
What: Honoring Jeff Hiller and his accomplishments for Muskogee.

We know it is short notice but if anyone can make it out Jeff and the Castle
will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!
Chris on behalf of Karen. :)

Shame on you America

I have a rant brewing about this rediculous nonsense of forcing our PRESIDENT to release his birth certificate. More later.

A general quick update.

Another great weekend of Academy! A couple of speed bumps here and there, but that is to be expected when you are working with dramatic people. Without their dynamic personalities we would have a very flat show. It is a smaller cast then in the past, but all of the performers are incredibly talented. I continue to be blown away by the willingness and talent of the apprentices. They are really rocking it out. The veteran cast members are for the most part coming up to a new level. Many of them are jumping in to become informal leaders which is always great to see. We are now officially half way through the Academy process for the season and I can see that we are going to have a rocking cast. I am looking forward to seeing them push our streets to an even higher level.

Things are nutty with Donald’s job. But we are making the right choices to insulate us from any craziness that might come down on that front. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you have a partner that you can weather any storm with. I am constantly amazed at how true those wedding vows are, for richer and poorer, in sickness and health, for better or worse, in sorrow and joy. We have had the privilege in our marriage to spent most of the time reveling in the positive aspects of those vows, but from time to time we are reminded of the darker side of life but have been blessed to know that we have one another to turn to during those times.

Things look good for a refinance of our house. This will allow us to have a much lower interest rate and deal with some lingering debt. A very positive thing that we have been working towards for quite some time now. Ahh the joys of lingering ex-wife gloom. Once this goes through we will have dealt with the last of the landmines that she left for us over the course of their divorce and the subsequent years that they were connected via child support.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a post rattling around about people and how it seems to be human nature to be intolerant. Also with that is the hypocrisy of people that tout their open mindedness and tolerance, but only if you share their opinions of what open mindedness is. I might get around to venting that one out this afternoon. We shall see.

Now on Livejournal...

[info]rainna_me !

She is new-ish to the world of livejournal. Or at least is returning as many are. So feel free to reach out and friend her. Many of you know and love her as Dominique the wench. :)